[Jandek] Jandek at UC Irvine, Jan 8, 2011

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It was certainly excellent.  Watt covered bass ground from Bill Laswell-like trance lines to slap/pop and everything in between.  Watt had plenty of room to solo and Watt rose to that occasion beautifully.  Drummer BJ Mitchell is a killer player.  Heavy in the Ginger Baker tradition but with some metal in his background for sure.  He hit those drums HARD.  I was sitting up front and you could see the drum stands moving around while he played.  He broke his snare stand, it wasn't like came un-done or slipped - he snapped the main stem.  Seriously, the man is a sasquatch.  The Rep branched out a good bit on guitar.  It was the first time I had seen him using a distortion pedal.  He got a good tone with the Godin Strat-style guitar and a gorgeous black-face Fender Twin and split the time between shards of distorted power chords and gentler arpeggios.  At one point he played glissando runs high on the neck that were especially beautiful and reminiscent of Tom Verlaine (I would love to hear the Rep in this mode more often).  He sat on a monitor and played slide lap-style at one point as well.  The lyrics were fragmentary and more or less punctuated the jams almost like interludes as opposed to longer narrative songs.  Ideas for the Rep seemed to come quick and get abandoned quickly as well.  Definitely some menace in the lyric material - "I'm coming for you""I don't know what you see in me but I'm not going anywhere""She never lies, she only tells truth".  One lyrical segment blew by where he described walking past a building in a Dylanesque "talking blues" style.  I was hoping he was going to flesh this idea out a bit more but he didn't, instead he moved on to the next idea.   The evening closed with the most brutal number of the set.  Mitchell's snare was gone so he stuck to tribal beats on his toms.

The room was beautiful.  The sound was very good.  I am sure the recording was pro as well so we can look forward to the cd/dvd in the future.  Excellent job by Alex the curator.  

Michael Goldman 

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Just got out of the concert at  - excellent! Mike Watt of Minutemen and 
Firehose on bass (great as always), and BJ Miller on drums from the 
band HEALTH (unfamiliar with him but great job), and the "Corwood 
Representative" dressed in black cranking out seriously distorted 
dissonance on electric guitar with occasional cryptic vocals. The 
concert was one 90 minute jam interrupted by a brief drum kit 

Andreas Georgi

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