[Jandek] Jandek at UC Irvine, Jan 8, 2011

David Johnston-Smith davidmjs at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 9 06:40:30 PST 2011

Thanks Andreas!

I'm trying to work out whether you are deliberately ignoring Mike
Watt's current position as bassist in the mighty Stooges or not ;-)

This sounds like my kind of show.  I hope we can get to hear it!

On 9 January 2011 08:16,  <acg3dinst at aol.com> wrote:
> Just got out of the concert at  - excellent! Mike Watt of Minutemen and
> Firehose on bass (great as always), and BJ Miller on drums from the
> band HEALTH (unfamiliar with him but great job), and the "Corwood
> Representative" dressed in black cranking out seriously distorted
> dissonance on electric guitar with occasional cryptic vocals. The
> concert was one 90 minute jam interrupted by a brief drum kit
> malfunction.
> Andreas Georgi

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