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Fri Sep 17 21:27:18 PDT 2010

I remember the Centre of Gravity well, an old circus spot that didn't
usually host shows but does now. I remember the amazing band, AMAZING, and
how much I loved the lyrics of "Duality of Self" at the time, which run more
like a one-sided conversation. This still holds true.

Yes, the Korg is playing in a happy tone that initially seems horribly out
of place but I think it works, maybe even better here than I originally
thought. The music around it is so well played (get a load of Nilan
Perrera's layers of sound on his guitar work) that it makes the keyboard
sound like a lonely man in a different world. Perfect.

It's all very ghostly and makes me miss seeing these shows so so very much.
I recall the shadows of the band cast across to a padded wall on the west
end of the crowd. The sections all work together, of course, and do so
marvelously. This is a great one and I'm so glad to see it - it's been a
while! Here it is September and the first of the year was such a flurry of
activity. Could be we get a few of these all at once. I was at Chicago as
well and it's a COMPLETELY different experience: noisy, raucous, it was
crowded and sweaty in the club while Toronto was more spacious, more
relaxed. An interesting pair and I hope we get the latter quickly.

Meantime, I'll get to the lyrics if I have time (I have a LOT of work to do
this weekend so I doubt it will happen quickly unless somebody else gets
it). But this is one for the experience, to let it pour over you in all of
its cathedral beauty, the sound of solitude surrounded by grace.

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