[Jandek] More Thoughts on Toronto Sunday

Danen Jobe danen1970 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 12:01:49 PDT 2010

Now that I've listened through it yet again, I find it spellbinding,
surreal, a constantly shifting thing that keeps moving around. It is
definitely in the vein of "Glasgow Monday," "Manhattan Tuesday" and the
forthcoming Atlanta show (REALLY can't wait for that!).

Did also want to mention how odd the cover looks. It's as though the
buildings aren't positioned right, as if two of them at the end of the
street were somehow encroaching on the others. It looks pretty cool.

On another note, the catalog this time is COMPLETELY printed, not at all
typed on. That's a twist - the first "fully professional" Corwood catalog.

I also think, upon having another look at it, that the Corwood Home Page is
exactly that - the first official home of Corwood Industries. Why? Who else
knew that Toronto would be shipping out? I don't look for anything further
to ever be added to the page (though he sometimes loves to surprise, so who
knows?) except for new additions. This, I think, is where we can keep track
of what's getting ready to come out.

One more time I'm going to say it: "Toronto" is a gorgeous show and it may
sound better now than it did the first time in concert (I'm curious to see
what others who were there think). Onward to Chicago...

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