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Andrew Harper andrewlikesfish at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 19:09:14 PDT 2010

Hello all

I'd just like to say that the show the Jandek band played in Hobart was
wonderful. The three players gave us one long, extended work(apparently 67
minutes), with occasional drifting vocals and fascinating interplay and
resistance. It was hypnotic and many in the audience used the word 'trance'
to describe their state during the show. It was remarkable. Not
life-altering, but engrossing and unique. The whole show felt like time was
being suspended. The ending was incredible - David ceased to drum and sat
motionless, Stirling slowly picked some brittle notes into silence, leaving
Heather to make a long, repeating ripple of an outro. It felt like some sort
of beautiful come down, an easing back into reality.

The Jandek band (Heather, David and Stirling) where lovely people to meet,
and my wife Pip took them up Mt Wellington to catch the view and to the
Salamanca Markets to grab a bite to eat. They seemed to have a good time and
commented that it was a great show. the venue, an old heritage building in
Hobart, was excellent and well suited. There are a few pictures of the show
which I'll seek permission to post to the list.

I feel very lucky to have seen this performance and to have had a chance to
meet with the band. I hope they come back again some day.



GPO box 325
TAS 7001


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