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Hello list

just quoting this :

"Also, to separate the art from the artist is what academics do, i.e.
academic "artists" operate outside of there own lives, hence the lack of
emotion and feeling in their art. "
(Tom Lackey - post to list April 2)

I feel this is something of a bizarre statement and would ask what such a
comment is based on. I don't understand what an academic artist is.

Really need to post about Hobart Friday ....


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> Subject: [Jandek] a question about a previous email
> Hi, I sent to you a response to jesus knievel's response to my
> Manhattan Tuesday post on the mail list. It hasn't been added to the
> maillist archives yet. I'm just emailing to see if you either forgot
> to add it or if my email didn't get to you. I copy and pasted it here
> just in case it didn't get to you.
> In response to jesusknievel:
> How is it dangerous? You believe it's actually dangerous to me
> physically, or psychologically? Are you saying it's indicative of a
> dangerous thought-process? How am I misguided? What guide should I be
> using?
> I feel pretty certain that there will be no effect on me good or bad
> if I develop my own interpretation of Jandek's music and how it may
> relate to the project or Sterling Smith. To "confuse" the artist with
> the art seems prefectly reasonable since we don't have confirmation
> from Corwood on how close the subject matter is to the artist.
> Actually we do have a small amount of information that at least 1 of
> the songs is about something that happened to the artist. We know that
> the subject matter in "I Knew You Would Leave" is taken from something
> in the artists life, as he confirms this in the John Trubee interview.
> Regardless, I don't believe it's dangerous to posit theories on any
> kind of art.
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> Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 19:15:29 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: [Jandek] a question about a previous email
> Agree.
> Also, to separate the art from the artist is what academics do, i.e.
> academic "artists" operate outside of there own lives, hence the lack of
> emotion and feeling in their art.  I feel that that line from manhattan
> tuesday would nearly acurately describe my feeling at times, yet, i don't
> think it's dark or depressing at all... it's real and it's architypal.
>  There's too much exageration of the supposed "darkness" in Jandek's lyrics.
>  Yes, it's dark, but it's nearly universal, whether you are willing to
> acknowledge it as such or not.  Not saying it's literal nor literary.  Do
> you know what i'm saying?
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