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Danen Jobe danen1970 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 22:54:35 PDT 2010

Finally got a chance to watch "Portland Thursday" this weekend. Curiously, I
was talking to a friend in Oregon going to the show in a couple of weeks,
who said "hey, just in time to sell the DVD at the merch table." I explained
that there is no merch table, and that the timing is excellent but probably
coincidental. Jandek's like that.

Anyway, this DVD is a blast. I've rarely seen Corwood so HAPPY in a
performance. One time, right after "Eddie," he appears to start to say
"thank you" but then catches himself, shakes his head and cues up the last
track. That's what makes watching these shows so much fun - seeing how the
Rep struggles between being a person playing a show and being the
personification of this character. I don't know how else to put it, but I
can tell you when the Chicago DVD comes out you'll see more of this
character, more of a reactionary who refuses to give an inch. At Portland
he's loose and jamming openly with the band, all of them looking like they
were transported from some sixties trip. This has to do with the red
background that covers all, I suppose, and there's a psychedelic feeling
here. The music, as you know already, is intense. But this is a blast to
watch, especially on camera 1. Sometimes I skip over the inevitable "Jandek
cam" as I want to see the show as the crowd would see it, but here it's
important. His reactions are wild and the whole show is fantastic. Grab this

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