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I know I mentioned something about this at one point or another, but I've
really got to say how great this is - it's Jandek, yet it isn't. If you know
the music, you'll catch the melodies (laying waste, once and for all
perhaps, to this silly notion that there are no melodies in Corwood's
music), yet this does what my favorite tribute songs/albums do - it
transforms the music, turns it into something else. The guitars clash and
drone, yet I find this wonderful music to write to - atmospheric, taking one
away and occasionally (as on the 21 minute "Electric End") ringing the ears.
It's great music all the way around, and I hope that many take advantage of

I might also add that - starting with the recently issued (and, I might add,
still awesome) Helsinki show forward the Rep is spending more and more of
his time on instrumental music. As I recall, this tribute was first
suggested about 2 years ago and at that time, there were only a few
instrumental shows. Since then, it has become more commonplace, and Corwood
shows a great deal of diversity in considering what he does - some shows are
more classical in inclination, some more rock oriented, some - like the NO
show I really wish I could've attended - may defy specification. This is a
unique mode of expression for Corwood, and it's cool to me that the guys in
VCV captured this without as much precidence, that it was truly an original
idea on their part. Well worth owning.
On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Aunt Acid <anxietyparty at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Some of you might recall me hinting about this CD when it was being
> completed, but I don't think I've properly announced it to the list until
> now. For the newcomers (who are likely most of you), VCV is my guitar band
> with David Tagg. Together we run a couple small labels which we principally
> use to release our own works as well as a few things by other folks we
> respect.
> Last year we completed ROUND THE BEND which is a
> Corwood-endorsed-and-approved covers CD featuring our instrumental
> "reimaginings" of nine Jandek songs, spanning his entire catalog. We got the
> idea after we realized that many of the Jandek tributes and covers out there
> seem to focus on the man's lyrics, and often bypass or completely rewrite
> the music itself. With no disrespect to them, or Jandek's lyrical prowess,
> we felt that the music and atmosphere of Jandek albums is so incredibly
> unique while still having audible roots in free jazz, psychedelic rock,
> folk, blues and even drone music.
> Initially we recorded a couple pieces and sent a request to Corwood asking
> for permission to continue with the project, because it was decided that if
> he didn't approve of us doing this, we weren't even going to record these
> songs at all out of respect to him. We got a negative reply first (see the
> first scan, linked below) but about a week later, before we could respond,
> he sent a second letter (see the second scan below) which really surprised
> us. Being certain that he endorsed our work, we moved forward and produced
> what I'm presenting to you now.
> 1 I'm Ready (6:00)
> 2 White Box Requiem (21:01)
> 3 Alehouse Blues (5:00)
> 4 You're Not Even Alive (3:12)
> 5 Upon The Grandeur (7:40)
> 6 Om (3:30)
> 7 Starless (6:14)
> 8 I Went To Hell (5:25)
> 9 The Electric End (20:48)
> http://www.installsound.net/catalog.htm#4
> http://www.installsound.net/shop.htm
> For those of you curious about the music, our instrumentation ranges from
> electric/acoustic guitars and basses to dulcimer, african harp, lap steel
> and even vocals! A couple people on the list (Danen Jobe and Ross Morris)
> should be thanked for their encouragement as well, as Danen supported our
> project since the beginning and Ross seems to totally get what we're trying
> to do with this. Sorry if this came off as spam, but for once I thought this
> would be a really relevant post!
> Letter from Corwood #1:
> http://charlie83.second-sun.net/corwoodletter1.jpg
> Letter from Corwood #2:
> http://charlie83.second-sun.net/corwoodletter2.jpg
> If anyone has questions about the record or would like to distribute it,
> please get in touch with us for distro rates. The CD has been on sale for a
> little bit and as such there are limited quantities remaining.
> All the best,
> Brian Grainger
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