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Been thinking this for years, and this just might be the proof I was waiting on! Especially if you consider what the Rep's age would've been in 1996, odds are his voice would NOT have sounded that thin and "young". Also, considering the "jump" in his voice between the Twelfth Apostle-era and the solo voice albums, it's obvious those  things were years apart! 


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   1. Re: White Box (Ratan X)
jbswafford21 at tntech.edu wrote:
> I was listening to "White Box Requiem" earlier and I heard at the beginning of 
> Evening Sun through the head phones what sounded like a car or motorcycle take 
> off... Remember during the '85 interview with John Trubee, the Rep said that there 
> was a recording that had a motorcycle taking off in it? That would make "White 
> Box" older than '85... I wonder if this is it? Has anyone else heard anything like that 
> on any of the earlier albums?  Any thoughts or ideas? The unknown recording dates  
> drive me crazy with wonder...

Maybe. Or maybe he recorded the motorbike and later sampled it on WBR?

I like  the idea that WBR is from before '85, somehow. I don't know, the 
idea that he has tons of old tapes from way back when, and he releases them 
when he wants to is a cool idea to me.


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