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I totally agree with Danen here...not only is there a noticeable jump in recording quality after Lost Cause, but also alot more consistency...Apostle/Graven Image/Glad To Get Away and the first half of The Beginning are all for the most part very similar moods. White Box stands out like a sore thumb, as does I Woke Up, but to be honest I've always heard post-Lost Cause and pre-voice albums as a completely separated "era" of Corwood. He's a bit older than on the earlier stuff, and like Danen opined, there's a sort of maturity to alot of the lyrics, and I'd wager that White Box and I Woke Up are sort of this era's equivalent to Somebody In The Snow from the earlier leg of the catalog...sorta the "odd experimental" jaunt away from the normal formula perhaps. 

I also think, given the undeniable amount of time between The Beginning and Put My Dream On This Planet, that he must've either given up the muse for a few years, maybe even a full decade, or that he simply decided against releasing a few years worth of work...who knows, maybe it was during these years that he filled in as an uncredited studio performer on Tom Waits albums, or some such non-Corwood-related musical project. I'd agree with Danen that hearing anything he did during these years would indeed be a fascinating listen!


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 Maybe. Or maybe he recorded the motorbike and later sampled it on WBR?
I can say this much: neither that sound, nor any others, have been sampled. Also, it is my personal belief that the "second acoustic phase" albums were recorded somewhere in the early to mid-80's, judging by the sound quality (improved over earlier recordings) and lyrical content (these are the musings of a more mature performer). I think there's a big jump between "The Beginning" and the voice albums, btw. In fact, I'd say there were two big jumps: after "Lost Cause" and after "The Beginning." Having listened to a good chunk of the discography recently, I still hold to this theory. I don't think he has any remaining "old stuff" from the studio, but wouldn't it be interesting if he did?


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