[Jandek] Brooklyn Wednesday DVD!

Craig Stewart craig at sxsw.com
Fri Oct 10 08:55:55 PDT 2008

I second that, everyone might not need every release but this was is  
AbFab (at least for the first half hour I peeped last night).

I'm bummed I didn't get first dibs for a quick review and pitch,  
similar to what Perez Hilton comment posters are obsessed with.  
("First!!!") This is the worst day of my life. Thanks Danen. Revenge  
awaits, perhaps a quick 1/2" shank.

On Oct 9, 2008, at 11:46 PM, Danen Jobe wrote:

> Just got it out of my mailbox late this evening. Another 2 disc DVD  
> (duh), with sets one and two each having a disc. I watched the  
> first three songs on disc one, each in a different camera view  
> (there are 3 angles, obviously) and it's gorgeous. the shadows  
> dance behind the musicians, though I'm disappointed that we don't  
> get to see them take the stage, or the Rep put on his guitar (it  
> starts with his back turned to the audience, and starts the show  
> right away). The views are all similar: one gets a long view of the  
> bassist and up close and personal with the Rep; the second is  
> straight ahead; the last takes stage right and gets next to the  
> bassist with a sideview of the Rep. Will watch it all this weekend,  
> but it's a keeper. Only glanced at the catalog, and can't remember  
> the pricing, but I'll let you know tomorrow. My copy, at least, has  
> the words "2 Disc" in white on the black part of the case. Aspect  
> ratio: 16:9. Cover, obviously, identitical. No surprises like the  
> rehearsal tapes. Enjoy!
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