[Jandek] Brooklyn Wednesday DVD!

Danen Jobe danen1970 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 21:46:28 PDT 2008

Just got it out of my mailbox late this evening. Another 2 disc DVD (duh),
with sets one and two each having a disc. I watched the first three songs on
disc one, each in a different camera view (there are 3 angles, obviously)
and it's gorgeous. the shadows dance behind the musicians, though I'm
disappointed that we don't get to see them take the stage, or the Rep put on
his guitar (it starts with his back turned to the audience, and starts the
show right away). The views are all similar: one gets a long view of the
bassist and up close and personal with the Rep; the second is straight
ahead; the last takes stage right and gets next to the bassist with a
sideview of the Rep. Will watch it all this weekend, but it's a keeper. Only
glanced at the catalog, and can't remember the pricing, but I'll let you
know tomorrow. My copy, at least, has the words "2 Disc" in white on the
black part of the case. Aspect ratio: 16:9. Cover, obviously, identitical.
No surprises like the rehearsal tapes. Enjoy!
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