[Jandek] Has everybody just forgotten about jandek?

Glenn Becker burningc at sdf.lonestar.org
Sun May 4 13:18:22 PDT 2008

> I havent gotten any emails from this list in a few days, and it is really
> surprising me. I know that someone has already posted an email like this,
> but i want to say this anyways. What has happened? Has everyone just given
> up and forgotten about Jandek?

Not me. :^) I recently received 3 CDs from Corwood. I almost wrote "3 new 
CDs" but this is old stuff (_Interstellar Discussion_, _Blue Corpse_ and 
_You Walk Alone_) -- it's just that I am relatively new to Jandek.

Anyhoo, these recordings have kinda knocked me on my numbed butt, since 
they represent further out-hitching-posts in the universe of style and 
sound beyond what I was aware the Representative possessed ... I suppose I 
should have known better. Fascinating on _You Walk Alone_ to hear the 
fractalled acoustic zombi of _Six and Six_ whoop it up and sound like he's 
having a blast. Being a victim of the blue devils myself, there is not a 
little emotion that wells up on hearing that.

Ditto seeing footage of him playing live. Sure there is part of me that 
misses the mystery, but ...


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