[Jandek] Has everybody just forgotten about jandek?

Russell Nanney pocketboy67 at gmail.com
Sun May 4 08:21:42 PDT 2008

I havent gotten any emails from this list in a few days, and it is really
surprising me. I know that someone has already posted an email like this,
but i want to say this anyways. What has happened? Has everyone just given
up and forgotten about Jandek? I usually check my email and see 4 or 5
jandek messages, but now i see none. One would think that with all of the
new releases that were released recently, there would be a lot of talk, but
none. I personally dont have the new releases except for blue icicles, so i
cant really say much. But i would really like to see some more talk on the
list, im gettin bored just reading other emails, these ones are sometimes
the best ones in my inbox, so come on people, get the talk going again, dont
just forget all about Jandek, keep Jandek and his music alive. Sorry if this
email turned out kind of lengthy, i wouldnt be surprised if no one reads
this whole thing.
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