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Chris Robinson hardeveningsuburb at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 01:19:47 PDT 2008

Interesting idea.  I've always wondered if "The Units" was the name of the
band that appears on the full band recordings.  It definitely sounds like a
garage band kind of name.  Of course, this theory only makes sense if you
think that most (if not all) of the "band" material was created prior to
1978 (and I do).

Furthermore, I've often wondered if the one-man band stuff (i.e. "The Rocks
Crumble," "Interstellar Discussion," maybe the version of "European Jewel"
from Chair Beside A Window) could be a later attempt to singlehandedly
approximate the more chaotic garage band material.  But I don't know.  I've
always felt that albums such as "Foreign Keys," "Modern Dances" (most of it
at least), "Follow Your Footsteps" (most of it) and "Telegraph Melts" were
recordings made by Jandek as a younger man.  There is a lot of youthful
energy present on those records.  Later full band stuff like "You Walk
Alone," etc. I'm not so sure about.

But I don't know.  I'm just throwing ideas out there.

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