[Jandek] Glasgow Sunday 2005 - believe me, you need this...

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Sat Aug 23 08:32:47 PDT 2008

Hi guys
I also just received my copy of this dangerously awesome live recording today...  
For those who have not yet heard this or ordered their copy from Corwoord, I cannot recommend it highly enough.  This sits up there with "The Cell" as far as I'm concerned in terms of quality.  I attended this gig (having been unfortunately unable to attend Glasgow Friday two nights before) along with many good friends from the list.  
This gig, like "The Cell" before it, showed us an altogether different Corwood representative from the one we have grown to know and love...  
Well, that's not strictly true - actually I tend to see Jandek as fitting more with John Peel's description of the Fall - always the same, and always different.  
Anyway, the first track on the CD ("The Grassy Knoll") is the one which i was most excited about at the time, and it is the one which I have appreciated the most now.  
This very eloquent and intelligent spoken word and sung piece is a brilliant distopian narrative that brings to mind "The Prisoner" and other similar works. 
The Corwood representative's vocal cuts across Loren Connors dreamlike guitar soundscapes with jarring nightmarish images, haunting harmonica and increasingly chaotic vocals...  As the piece progresses, Connors' guitar interplays with this, becoming increasingly threatening...  As if Connors is setting the scene, establishing this seemingly perfect world while Jandek is the only one who can see it for what it is.  
The next track "Tribal Ether" plays like the best, most visceral psychadelic garage band you could ever imagine.  This is absolute chaos from the word go, with Heather Leigh Murray providing lap steel wailing noise while screaming ghostly ethereal sounds over Alan Licht's delay soaked guitars.  Corwood provides the drums on this...  If Lester Bangs was to imagine his ideal band, this would be it. 
Overall, this is one of the best Jandek releases I've heard in a while; which says a lot during this particularly productive period for Corwood.  If you don't already have this record, you seriously need to get it...  I'm just off to order my Glasgow Monday DVD!
Take care

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