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"The Grassy Knoll"
We all took the invitation to experience some new ideas.  
I remember the estate, the great grassy hills where we assembled 
Above the iron fences
Before the mansion on the hill
We waited for the sights to see
The enlightenment to follow
Thousands of us on that hill, high up on the grassy knoll
When they came to collect us for the sessions yet to come.
As we filed into the mansion, we were led to separate rooms 
And we assembled for instruction, pointing on charts to words and concepts.
But at some time it seemed to me the thoughts were filled with falsity.
It was a plan to enslave us, to bring us to their world to stay. 
Damaged by their perverse thinking,
Losing our minds and souls to them.
I quickly knew I couldn't be there, but also I knew I had to stay
Hoping that as the time elapsed that we would have a chance to leave.
It seemed the choice was being altered by controls they put in place.
We could not leave so easily.
It seemed they were forcing us to stay.
I got concerned and looked around, while others slowly lost their wits 
And succumbed to the thought plans perpetrated by the powers that be.
By the hosts of our gathering who now became the keepers of our bodies.
So it was time to think real hard - how could I come out of this?
I tried to get some others to see what I saw, but they just flitted in and out,
And I knew it was my preoccupation.  I had to take care of myself.
So I pretended to be with them, but I knew that I must go.
All the girls in the room were trying to love me
They couldn't understand how I could just say no.
There were other men there too, so they put their charms to them.
All the rooms it seemed were love rooms.  I didn't know what it meant.
I was waiting for the explanation, but the truth was not to come.
It seemed that I had stepped into a quagmire - some strange place I couldn't leave.
I gazed outside at the tall fence and the guards that kept it safe from the escape.
I tried to plan out of the situation I was in.
I talked about it to some others as they were fleeting to-and-fro
In the halls and rooms there were congregations trying to convince we visitors that they were special.
Some kind of god-man was their leader.
But we felt like in a trap, with some concern for our lives 
As we struggled through the mind maze, the puzzle of this place we were in
And the die-hard perpetrators of some myth of mind control.  But I knew that they were wrong,
And I was free and they were not
So I secretly prepared my way out, 
Looking for an opening in the schematic of the structure all around me.
I could see
We walked in here willingly; we had some interest in the plan.
But the games they played inside, with their bodies and their minds
Were a trick to trap us.
Even though many seemed to go along, 
But I was steadfast in my struggle to be free and independent.
I never gave up who I was.  I didn't go along with them.
You fell down at the presentation
Your eyes were staring far away
I asked you if you had a heart attack, as you winced with such great pain
Clutching your heart in desperation.
You said that yes, you did.
I carried you out to the car, hastily prepared for our departure.
Dead leaves and dirt were in the back seat where I held you in my arms.
I said I'd carry you forever.
And would you please stay with us, you didn't say a word.
You just stared into my eyes.
You were holding onto life, but then you let it go away, you woke up and I was still there.
You said that people seem to change.
But then you stared into my eyes as I was holding you forever
We finally got to the hospital.
I fell down and couldn't get up.  
No-one there wanted to help us, I struggled but my knees were weak.
But I was holding you forever as you stared into my eyes.
Someone finally came to help us, but they couldn't lift us up.
I told them just to help me, that I would lift you up.  
And they tried to help me, so I could carry you again
But I never let you go, even down there on the floor.
You were always in my arms, from the time I saw you falling.
When you winced with such great pain, clutched your heart and I knew
You could die unless I helped you, no-one else seemed to care.
So I took you in my arms and I carried you to the car.  
I said I would carry you forever, as you stared into my eyes.
 "Tribal Ether"

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