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Agreed, this is my favorite live show on disc so far, nothing like  
anything previous. Set 1 is my fave, quite a story delivered not in  
depressed manner but quite dark. Connors' guitar is so fucked up,  
perfect duo collaboration that can sound like a 5-piece band at times.

Set 2 has some of the most psychedelic guitar I've heard: insane  
delay and shredding by Licht, like Hendrix after smoking formaldehyde.

On Aug 14, 2008, at 4:00 PM, Nate Wilson wrote:

> The cd just arrived in the mail like an hour ago and I have already  
> given it one full listen.... it is INCREDIBLE to say the least
> Front cover is a very dark and hazy photo of a church or castle,  
> just a silohuette against a yellow-gray sky..... very stark and  
> shocking to the eye.
> Two tracks
> Track one "The Grassy Knoll" is the first set he played with Loren  
> Connors where he sang and played harmonica and
> Track two "Tribal Ether" is the second set where The Rep played  
> drums and was accompanied by Alan and Heather... so cool to hear  
> The Rep playing drums.
> This album is a MUST HAVE for anyone that cares..... I will try to  
> get to post the lyrics soon if I could stop dry heaving from my cold.
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