[Jandek] Rebecca said:

stacey graham staceygraham at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 10:06:48 PDT 2007

Rebecca said: "...When Jandek saw that the audience was standing and
applauding, he turned his back slightly so that he was facing away from us,
but from my angle I could see his profile, and his face had broken into a
massive but rather shy smile."

That is so cool thank you for catching that moment Rebecca.   Even when a
person spends their whole life being evasive, and whether the whole Jandek
thing was a lark that snowballed into something bigger, it still is
wonderful to remember that there is a human being behind the persona.

I really think (and hope) he is getting something far valuable than money
from this whole unprecendented and unexpected career twist.

Stacey Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA
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