[Jandek] Richmond show?

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Hello, Virginian here, and newcomer to this list.  The Richmond show was the first time Iíd ever seen Jandek perform live.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the bandís free-jazz shreddiness, I realized that what I want most is to see our Corwood representative play solo.  Apparently, heís only done this twice in his history of live shows, so Iím assuming my opportunities to realize this dream will most likely be very slim.  But if anyone hears of plans for solo performances, especially anywhere on the East Coast, Iíd really appreciate it if youíd pass the info along to me.

Andrew TSKS is absolutely correct in his physical description of Jandek.  Heís particularly gaunt, and his face has that sunken look that reminds me of the way my fatherís face looked when he was approaching the final stages of cancer.  Heís also very noticeably lacking in the booty area.  Perhaps this was so noticeable to me specifically, since I was sitting near stage right and Jandek was standing at stage left and during much of the show his back was turned toward me.  Iíd have to say that it was most apparent during the two or three times in the set when Jandek was getting all jiggy with his guitar and started to wiggle his booty (or rather, what booty he has) in ďtimeĒ to the music.  A classic Jandek moment if there ever was one.

At the end of the two-hour long set, the band stepped toward the edge of the stage and the audience leaped into a standing ovation.  When Jandek saw that the audience was standing and applauding, he turned his back slightly so that he was facing away from us, but from my angle I could see his profile, and his face had broken into a massive but rather shy smile.  

And thatís the way it is (from my perspecive at least).  A great show.  I hope others who were present will step forward with their reports.  


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> Date: 2007/03/12 Mon PM 06:17:16 EST
> To: Jandek Gab <jandek at mylist.net>
> Subject: [Jandek] Richmond show?
> Hi, all,
> As an expatriate Virginian, it behooves me to ask: how was the show  
> in Richmond? What was so special about it? Was it more of a reading,  
> as had been surmised?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sherv
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