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Tim Strange raindog at usa.com
Tue Mar 13 20:28:47 PDT 2007

The musicians were as follows: Brian Jones-drums (former Agents of Good
Roots drummer, session drummer, and excellent local free jazz
artist...more info at www.slangsanctuary.com)JC Kuhl-tenor sax (Former
Agents of Good Roots sax player, current member of Modern Groove
Syndicate, and local free jazz artist)Curtis Fye-electric bass (local
jazz artist)Corwood-electric gutar There were props put together on a
stage...a couch with an ashtray, an entable with flowers and two books,
and a female mannequin.  Normal houselights were used with no colors. 
Pictures should be out soon...the theatre was an old firehouse converted
into a perfomance space.  The show was very cool and should look and
sound very cool on the CD?DVD whenever it comes around.  Lots of fun. 
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