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I'm grateful to Seth for his thoughts on this stuff--made me get out
Somebody in the Snow for the first time in a couple years. It is a really
underappreciated album. I forget sometimes how closely related it is to On
the Way and You Walk Alone--really raw, exciting electric blues playing.
Usually when the album comes up it's in a discussion of "Om," which is not
characteristic of the album as a whole.
On one of those songs with Pat, does anyone else hear practically the same
riff as in the climax of "Your Other Man" from Blue Corpse? I think it was
"Come THrough With a Smile." That just struck me as I listened to it this
morning folding laundry. One's obviously acoustic and the other electric,
but maybe they're both played by Eddie.

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> * Overdubbing:
> The letter also says:
>  Also cuts on entire sides of myself overdubbing base, 6 string, vocals
>  and drums all performed by myself...
> So there are at least some overdubbed one-man-band performances.
> Perhaps on The Rocks Crumble (Corwood 0783, 1983)?  Maybe he's referring
> instead, or referring also, to side 2 of Somebody in the Snow.  Listen
> to "Remind You".  It has the rep doing two separate vocals, one in the
> left channel, one in the right!  They even overlap in one place.  So
> there's no question that's overdubbed.  The whole album side sounds like
> one session and it sounds overdubbed.
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