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In the same vein, note that "Pastimes" from Somebody... seems like a warmup for "Upon the Grandeur".

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I'm grateful to Seth for his thoughts on this stuff--made me get out Somebody in the Snow for the first time in a couple years. It is a really underappreciated album. I forget sometimes how closely related it is to On the Way and You Walk Alone--really raw, exciting electric blues playing. Usually when the album comes up it's in a discussion of "Om," which is not characteristic of the album as a whole. 
On one of those songs with Pat, does anyone else hear practically the same riff as in the climax of "Your Other Man" from Blue Corpse? I think it was "Come THrough With a Smile." That just struck me as I listened to it this morning folding laundry. One's obviously acoustic and the other electric, but maybe they're both played by Eddie. 

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  * Overdubbing:

The letter also says:

 Also cuts on entire sides of myself overdubbing base, 6 string, vocals 
 and drums all performed by myself...

So there are at least some overdubbed one-man-band performances.
Perhaps on The Rocks Crumble (Corwood 0783, 1983)?  Maybe he's referring
instead, or referring also, to side 2 of Somebody in the Snow.  Listen 
to "Remind You".  It has the rep doing two separate vocals, one in the
left channel, one in the right!  They even overlap in one place.  So
there's no question that's overdubbed.  The whole album side sounds like 
one session and it sounds overdubbed.

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