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I've stated before that I think "Eddie" plays 12 string and shares vocals on several "second band" albums. Don't know which ones exactly, (I'm pretty sure it starts with "Footsteps" but not sure where it ends) but there's definitely a second guy.  There's also at least one other person to play the other stuff. Maybe this is the guy who sings "Sadie?" Not sure on that one, but I would guess at least three, maybe four guys (plus, eventually, a female vocalist who is clearly not "Nancy"). The "members" of the band seem to fluctuate depending on the session.

I think Corwood stopped overdubbing after a certain period of time. It's been acknowledged that some of the earliest "band" work is overdubs, but he seems to do away with that early on (perhaps after "Interstellar Discussion?") Part of what I find appealing about Jandek is the "captured moment" of the sessions - he doesn't "fix" anything. Hence, if there's a second (or third, or fourth) instrument playing I believe that's somebody else playing along. If it's only him, it's confined to him and whatever he's playing (or not, in the case of the voice albums). Neil Young stopped overdubbing  following his early albums - he may do 20 takes of a song, but with rare exceptions he doesn't overdub or layer. The book "Shakey" has a good description of why he does this, and I think this fits the Rep's MO. 

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> >>>>> "Brad" == Brad B <jealousagain38 at gmail.com> writes:
> Brad> I'm not sure how most people on the list believe when it 
> comes to
> Brad> the question of the amount of male singers on Blue Corpse/You
> Brad> Walk Alone. I believed for a while that it was the same man 
> from Brad> the earlier albums changing his voice a bit, but on Blue 
> Corpse, Brad> during "CF", you can distinctly hear two men trading off
> Brad> vocals. I'm guessing someone here's noticed it before. If 
> so, do
> Brad> you explain it as an overdubbing trick or as two different
> Brad> singers?
> I regard this issue as settled.  "C F" ices it, but even if we didn't
> have that track, you can still tell it's two different singers.  
> With a
> little practice it's pretty easy to tell them apart.  He turns up on
> some of On the Way and Follow Your Footsteps as well.  (And "Sadie" 
> fromOn the Way is sung by a third guy...)
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