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Which raises a whole other question - how does one go about wrangling an
invitation to sing on a Jandek record?

I supposed I could mail Corwood a CD with my acapella interpretation of
Nancy Sings as an audition tape (that would assure that I NEVER get a call).

Maybe Jandek could host an Rockstar-styled reality show "America's Least
Competent Musicians"?


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>>>>> "Brad" == Brad B <jealousagain38 at gmail.com> writes:

 Brad> I'm not sure how most people on the list believe when it comes to
 Brad> the question of the amount of male singers on Blue Corpse/You
 Brad> Walk Alone. I believed for a while that it was the same man from
 Brad> the earlier albums changing his voice a bit, but on Blue Corpse,
 Brad> during "CF", you can distinctly hear two men trading off
 Brad> vocals. I'm guessing someone here's noticed it before. If so, do
 Brad> you explain it as an overdubbing trick or as two different
 Brad> singers?

I regard this issue as settled.  "C F" ices it, but even if we didn't
have that track, you can still tell it's two different singers.  With a
little practice it's pretty easy to tell them apart.  He turns up on
some of On the Way and Follow Your Footsteps as well.  (And "Sadie" from
On the Way is sung by a third guy...)

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