[Jandek] extra montreal ticket.

spizzletrunk spizzletrunk at mountaincable.net
Wed Jun 20 13:43:04 PDT 2007

I have an extra ticket to the montreal show on june 24th at la salla rossa
1484? st laurant street

 (please double check the address).  I would give it away for twenty dollars
Canadian and I guess you could paypal me the money .  Actually please
contact me qith questions first.  I don't know of the show is sold out or
not but I live in Ontario fuck my spellloinbg so bear with me please so I
orand the I could phone tem and tell the la sall aroossa staff that your
name is now the name for the one tickdt.  Or you can give me the moneyt at
the vebue and join me until we get  inside and then I leave you alone and
vice versa. I  ordered by phone and the deal is they put you on a list that
you flash id at the door - I did this for the Daniel Johnston show on may
8th as I followed him around ontraio an the to thenmontreal show (I had so
much fun).  I live in dunnville ontraio and I missed the jandek show in
toronto due to pleasant  funeral arrangements and influence.  My wife
=cannot attend this show due to other reasons and is bummed out at missing
show however I am the "bigger" please don't choke me" fan?.  Liker enjoyer
of the jandek tunings. She however understands the opportunity to have a fun
time with an interesting personality and does regret not being able to
attend.  I don't know how to check me out and make sure I am not a stalker.
I have abn ebay username of rennet with 100 feedback and a facebook profile
of jeff Stanley.  All of my friends hate jandek or the music or whateber so
I can't unload the ticket on them the stupid niave unappreciative.

 Actually my good friends into jandek are in other places and actually have
alreDY SEEN him and a flight or drive to monreal is too pr!!!


brown on the run small touchdown


The endzone is my home.


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