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Sun Jan 28 08:43:22 PST 2007

That's an absolutely gorgeous piece of writing and undoubtedly the best thing 
we have on the man ("blew around the country like an old dead leaf painted 
dark purple..." I'm teetering!). And I say this as someone who thinks Janet 
Jackson (-Jam-Lewis) created more hours of great music than Janky and The 
Desperate Bicycles combined. (ducks)

Listers should know that this piece was from the 1990 5th anniversary issue 
in a feature celebrating the 10 most important (or best, I forget) artists of 
the last 5 years (others included Madonna, Public Enemy, U2, Sonic Youth, 
[gawd, was Jam-Lewis on there too] etc.). 

The photo that accompanied the Jandek entry was THE LIVING END cover. But on 
the bottom (I believe) of the photo, one can read the very faint words "In 
Search of Jandek." I asked Coley about this some time ago but never received an 
adequate response.

Kevin John (Bozelka)
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