[Jandek] Re: jandek Digest, Vol 55, Issue 11

Bill Farrar, APR bill at killerpr.com
Sun Jan 28 07:02:25 PST 2007

Hi Brian -

The Firehouse Theatre is a community theatre that is literally housed in an
old fire station.  It seats about 150 people.  I've seen quite a number of
performances there, including some musicals, and the acoustics and lighting
are pretty good.  And, believe me, it is intimate.  Plan to park in the
parking lot of the Lowe's store across the street, and let me know if you
need any advice about places to stay or other things to do before or after
the show while you're here.  If you want to touch base and maybe have a
drink someplace, my personal e-mail is below.

bill at killerpr.com
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