Alimarea Vasquez beachdame125 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 25 07:48:03 PST 2007

Well to begin.......

Where did you get the idea that this would be the final album.

First off, having had some interaction with him through the mail, and having 
one of my friends working on booking a show for new england... I have 
learned that not all of the shows have been recorded so therefore not all of 
them will be released.

the only way you could come to that conclusion is if you were thinking in 
this manner

Manhattan Tuesday 0788
Brooklyn Wednesday 0789
Glasgow.... 0790..... and on and on....

and you would get to this future richmond show as 0805

but it would only happen that way if he were to NOT PUT OUT ANY STUDIO 
ALBUMS and we know that more studio albums are to come so that would throw 
the numbers off........

unless... the shows that weren't recorded were replaced with the exact 
amount of studio albums

either way... i feel that this is not a plausible situation..


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