[Jandek] Just curious

Brad B jealousagain38 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 15:16:29 PST 2007

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was somehow playing guitar for Jandek
at one of his live shows, and he was doing a "Greatest Hits Live" deal,
where fans had voted for their ten favorite songs and such. I'm not
suggesting that he might do a show of this sort, or even that I would like
that. I was just a tad curious about what some of you list members would
want to hear.

Mine would be something like this (In no order):
1. Time and Space (You Walk Alone)
2. European Jewel (Ready for the House)
3. I Passed By the Building (Blue Corpse)
4. Naked in the Afternoon (Ready for the House)
5. White Box (White Box Requiem)
6. Nancy Sings/Birthday/John Plays Drums
7. Down in a Mirror (Chair Beside a Window)
8. I Shot Myself (Khartoum)
9. Alehouse Blues (One Foot in the North)
10. When the Telegraph Melts (Telegraph Melts)
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