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This is a curious statement. All shows (except the Houston "guest appearance") have been recorded at least on audio (three shows that I know of weren't filmed), so they will all be out.

I honestly think (and this is purely opinion) that the "end" of Corwood will be arbitrary. when the muse stops, the project will stop, and even at that the pre-recorded material will continue to appear perhaps even after his death (not that I want to speculate about that! Just a point). I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to the album numbering that is connected with that - but I'm certain it will go past 0805.

Optimists can always assume he's shooting for #1000! But I believe the old quote where he said that the number 0739 was just something he made up.

This said, I'd be curious if anyone has a theory otherwise. Could be I'm missing the obvious.


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> Well to begin.......
> Where did you get the idea that this would be the final album.
> First off, having had some interaction with him through the mail, 
> and having 
> one of my friends working on booking a show for new england... I 
> have 
> learned that not all of the shows have been recorded so therefore 
> not all of 
> them will be released.
> the only way you could come to that conclusion is if you were 
> thinking in 
> this manner
> Manhattan Tuesday 0788
> Brooklyn Wednesday 0789
> Glasgow.... 0790..... and on and on....
> and you would get to this future richmond show as 0805
> but it would only happen that way if he were to NOT PUT OUT ANY 
> ALBUMS and we know that more studio albums are to come so that 
> would throw 
> the numbers off........
> unless... the shows that weren't recorded were replaced with the 
> exact 
> amount of studio albums
> either way... i feel that this is not a plausible situation..
> Alimarea
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