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Hey everybody, 

I'd also like to point out the 2 Jandek remixes done by Secret Frequency Crew and Phoenecia. They were released on a 7" called "Your Other Men" at the Schematic label, I'm not sure if this list is aware of that. Either way, each copy of the 7" comes with a photocopied print of the Corwood-approval note. 

Kinda goes back on what everyone was fighting about over copyright issues regarding correspondence as well as the cover songs situation.

I am one of two people running an independant record label myself, and we've already started to record a 6 song cassette of Corwood covers. We plan on having a finished product to send to Corwood, so he can see the whole deal before we ask for permission to release it. If he says no, we'll just hand the tapes out to friends. If he says yes, we'll sell it on the site. We're even totally fine with splitting profits of sales with Corwood. I don't know if this is a potential sway in the approving of such releases or not, but we're willing to compensate and credit him in every way possible simply because if we didn't love the music so much we wouldn't bother. Besides, cassette is (sadly) a dying format, so if he's worried about it becoming a wide-release kinda deal, our tape will be 50 black cassettes distributed only via our label. Very low key!


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   1. Re: Cover songs!! (Stuart Estell)
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Yes, an interesting one.


I wrote to Corwood asking for permission to record covers of Jandek material late last year. I never mentioned it on-list (I don't think I've even posted to the list before - just lurked), so can only assume that someone has had a similar response to the one I had.


The note I got back said, and I paraphrase, that approval would not be given for the release of any covers of Corwood material. Without wishing to stoke the "private correspondence" debate any further, I'm not going to quote him directly.


Now, regardless of the existence of tribute LPs, I intend to respect Corwood's wishes. I respect the man as an artist, so it follows that having explicitly asked him the question, I'd want to abide by his stated wishes.









On 2/25/07, A. Chankin <achankin at gmail.com> wrote:

I'm going to completely contradict myself, and convince myself I am not, by pretending this is a different subject.  Please play along or be contrary or don't.  Please make up fake correspondence I have sent you that would purportedly be highly embarrasing to me and post it to the list. 

You should feel free to cover songs by any artist you want, whenever you want.  Cover it verbatim, try to sound just like them, etc, etc.  Knock yourself out.  The artist has no right to tell you you can't. 

The only rights they have come in if and when you make some money off of that cover song.  They have a right to share some of that.  If you are making enough money off of cover songs, you will know about the mechanics of this sharing.  They shared with you, you share with them.  It's nothing crazy. 

Someone posted a purported Corwood correspondence here once about songs.  This correspondence supposely said something to the effect of Learning is OK and Recording is not.  Now you can choose whether or not to believe that is a real correspondence or not for yourself.  (It's just a bit inconsistent with the "official tribute albums"...) 

However, even if that were real, no one is under any obligation to respect that.  He has no (legal) right to tell you you can't record, or even sell versions of his songs that you perform.

Whether you would feel bound to respect that wish is another matter, although as I mentioned I really wonder whether he wrote that or meant it if he did. 

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From: "Alimarea Vasquez" <beachdame125 at hotmail.com>
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I find all of this somewhat strange.

A year or so ago.. my friend Naythen Wilson called Corwood Industries on a 
whim asking if a cover song could be recorded and released and he received a 
phonecall back saying that Corwood would want to hear it first... then asked 
what kind of a production (was it going to be cd or vinyl) how big of a 
production run, what was the price going to be and that Nayte would have to 
get back in touch with Corwood ASAP about following through.  He did and 
pretty soon that album will be available for sale off of Nayte's website.

It just shows me that if you contact the Rep and you give him some type of 
game plan and do it in a respectable manner than anything is possible.

His website will be finalized and up on the net by the 5th of March.  Feel 
free to order the album and hear the Corwood approved cover.

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