[Jandek] Re: jandek Digest, Vol 55, Issue 40

A. Chankin achankin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 09:53:46 PST 2007

I like your approach, Stuart.  There is a higher law than the written law.
Legally, once a song has been commercially released, you may record and sell
cover versions, provided you don't change it substantially and you pay the
copyright holder the appropriate fees and royalties.

However, I agree with you, that I would not want the moral weight on my
shoulders of recording and releasing versions of songs by an artist I
respect, that said artist did not feel comfortable about me releasing.

Nonetheless, if you felt you had compelling reasons to do so, there would be
no legally sanctioned force on earth to stop you.
You'd have to keep your eyes peeled for Corwood's secret gang of vigilantes,

I don't have anything related to that sort of activity in the present, past,
and foreseeable future, so, fortunately I don't have to weigh such decisions

*Disclaimer: I have no worldly evidence of the existence of the Jandek Karma
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