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Wed Feb 28 09:03:11 PST 2007

I doubt that he has any formal representation at all.

One thing that has struck me about this debate is how exactly a  
Jandek song can be covered. I believe that the live shows confirm the  
way in which the music is created: that there is a text, and  
sometimes a concept, from which the improvisation develops, and the  
only record of each track is the recording, so unless you worked out  
how to 'tune' your guitar and managed to replicate the recording note  
for note, you're not covering the song, but making your own  
interpretation of the text, which would seem more preferable to the  


On 28 Feb 2007, at 06:18, Christopher tm wrote:

> On 2/27/07, Lauren Ciechanowski <ciechano at stolaf.edu> wrote:
>> But would he know?
> This is starting to beg the question - Who handles Jandek's licensing?
> ASCAP? BMI? Knowing Him, I'd guess SESAC.
> Also, I've stayed mum on this whole (increasingly) ridiculous
> copyright argument, but I have to add my one cent: I am not an
> attorney, but I do work for a law firm that handles, among other
> things, copyright, patents, intellectual property, and that whole
> tangled mess - and am reasonably familiar with the subject. And I'm
> really getting a kick out of some of these responses. ;)
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