[Jandek] Listserv numbers and "recommendations" to newbies

Mister Born (to you) scott.born at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 21:31:38 PDT 2007

I was just sending off an order for 30 CDs today in order to get the
last 4.  When I do this I always talk friends into getting some since
they are so cheap.  Then they ask what to get.  So what should I have
told them?

Recently I insist on the Youngs & Nielson stuff, if not just because
"Road Is Open Life" is my favorite CD of 2006.  Then I always push
"Telegraph Melts" (for the lulz) and "Chair Behind a Window" (Nancy
Sings).  "Ready for the House" for obvious reasons.  "Modern Dances"
for the lulz of "Painted My Teeth" reduxe.  I rarely recommend the a
capella stuff.

So question one:  What do you recommend for people?

Question two:

So I was thinking as I put together that list for 30 CDs and $150, as
I considered the fact that I have purchased at least 100 CDs from him
now (and I am only one man), how many people do this?  How many people
are completists about it?  With a catalog of 50 CDs, and 500 fans (I
doubt that), that is 25,000 CDs!

So how many are on this listserv?  Do we have those data (are they public)?

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