[Jandek] Australia Petition

Feigin Boris railfan93111 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 29 19:22:06 PDT 2007

Hi everyone:)
Just a thought...why don't all of us Australian fans on the list start a petition asking for the man from C.O.R.W.O.O.D to tour Down Under? Small chance, I know, but might be worth a try. Jandek might not even be aware he has fans in Australia...unless he is "lurking" on the list.
Btw, just got my copy of White Box Requiem and listening to it at work. I'm liking what I'm hearing...one of the Rep's best for sure. It's interesting how Ready For the House and Six and Six are so wordy and this one is mostly instrumentals...two extremes :)
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