[Jandek] Listserv numbers and "recommendations" to newbies

Shervin Fatehi fatehi at berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 29 22:03:40 PDT 2007

On Aug 29, 2007, at 9:31 PM, Mister Born (to you) wrote:
> So question one:  What do you recommend for people?

I really like Glasgow Monday, I Threw You Away, Put My Dream On This  
Planet, White Box Requiem, You Walk Alone, Interstellar Discussion,  
Your Turn to Fall, and Living in a Moon So Blue. Put My Dream On This  
Planet is probably my favorite. If I had to recommend things to  
someone, it'd be Put My Dream On This Planet, Glasgow Monday, You  
Walk Alone, and I Threw You Away (to hit all the different eras).

> Question two:
> So I was thinking as I put together that list for 30 CDs and $150, as
> I considered the fact that I have purchased at least 100 CDs from him
> now (and I am only one man), how many people do this?  How many people
> are completists about it?  With a catalog of 50 CDs, and 500 fans (I
> doubt that), that is 25,000 CDs!
> So how many are on this listserv?  Do we have those data (are they  
> public)?

I have a copy of all of the official Corwood CDs (counting the  
Manhattan and Brooklyn releases that Corwood just wrote to let me  
know he'd sent to the wrong place) as well as the Finnish festival  
disc and that remix 7" of "Your Other Man" that got posted about  
recently. I got all of the Corwood stuff direct from the source...


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