[Jandek] a bit of self-promotion

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> The difference is I did not send you or this list a link to my music
> nor did I ask or invite feedback... you did invite the whole Jandek
> list by your post with your link.

> If you are just fishing for compliments, sorry I can not help. If you
> posted your link because you wanted honest feedback, I am willing to
> add mine in more depth in one to one emails, though I I would
> understand if you are not interested in what I would have to say due
> to your not liking music you found I am part of.

Honest feedback is fine. I would appreciate honest feedback, but a snide 
comment posted to the entire list isn't what I would call worthwhile 

To be clear, "You don't sound like either" is a perfectly reasonable 
observation. "Please don't take that as a compliment," is a gratuitious 
insult since there was no reason to think I would have taken it as a 

Even an honest "I don't like it" would have been more substantial and would 
have been no surprise to me. Given that I accept comparisions to Jandek and 
Daniel Johnston as reasonable, if not accurate, it's safe to assume that I 
realize my music is not going to appeal to everyone.

The only reason I'm still cc'ing the Jandek list is because someone on the 
list might want to take my comments and use them to start a thread about 
criticism as it relates to Jandek.

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