[Jandek] a bit of self-promotion

Mark Greenberg mark at mayfairrecordings.com
Tue Aug 14 10:43:25 PDT 2007

True, Good point. My comment, though at the heart of it truthful was  
snide and meant to get a little chuckle. My apologies to you BlackMonk.

Take care,


On Aug 14, 2007, at 12:35 PM, BlackMonk wrote:

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> Honest feedback is fine. I would appreciate honest feedback, but a  
> snide comment posted to the entire list isn't what I would call  
> worthwhile criticism.
> To be clear, "You don't sound like either" is a perfectly  
> reasonable observation. "Please don't take that as a compliment,"  
> is a gratuitious insult since there was no reason to think I would  
> have taken it as a compliment.
> Even an honest "I don't like it" would have been more substantial  
> and would have been no surprise to me. Given that I accept  
> comparisions to Jandek and Daniel Johnston as reasonable, if not  
> accurate, it's safe to assume that I realize my music is not going  
> to appeal to everyone.
> The only reason I'm still cc'ing the Jandek list is because someone  
> on the list might want to take my comments and use them to start a  
> thread about criticism as it relates to Jandek.

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