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I think perhaps he plays "live" in Houton all the time, and wants to spread
the message elsewhere?  I could make up a dozen different reasons...

Of the new series, I've recently listened several times to "When I Took That

So few have given such a grisly view of "love."  It's a powerful antidote to

I take it back, many people give such a view of love, but they do it
accidentally, through their actions, they can prompt you to realize it in
such a way.  Few are able and willing to reflect so powerfully on it, to
expose it for what it often is in an unflinching way.  I think it's
interesting that such revelations still come late in the career.  Like he
seemed to realize certain things on the spoken word albums, to make certain
commitments, and then he comes right out and starts deviating from them
right away, with a heightened awareness of how sour it is, yet unable to
resist.  I know it could very easily be just a character, but the writing is
just so convincing that it is hard not to believe it is a reflection on a
chapter of his life.

  The vocal delivery on that album is almost so hilarious at times that it
makes me want to laugh, but usually then I start to swallow my laugh in a
gulp of fear at recognizing just how prone I am to the same foolishness.

Hearty stuff, highly recommended whenever you are taking sex or the fantasy
thereof as a "medicine" for loneliness.  It can be part of the real cure.  I
think I'll listen to it a few times again before the month is out.

Thanks everyone, for humoring my feeble opinion,
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