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Mon Apr 23 21:26:08 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Julia" == Julia Krupa <satori at nyc.rr.com> writes:

 Julia> New to Jandek, Saturday's performance was my first "listen" to
 Julia> the man.  I'm wondering if that show was typical of his sound
 Julia> and what if any of the recordings best represent his work, as I
 Julia> need a place to start to dig in a little deeper.

It was typical of his live sound, yeah.  Get Newcastle Sunday (0784) or
Austin Sunday (0786) if you want a live recording approximating what you
heard last week.  I think they're both superior to the earlier Glasgow
Sunday (0779).

As for some other representative albums, I'm not sure how many albums
you want to take on to begin with, but it's hard to cut it down any
further than this:

  Ready for the House (0739) solo acoustic debut
    (songs and playing on 0741 are stronger, but this one has a
    special magic and the must-hear "Naked in the Afternoon")
  Later On (0741) top notch solo acoustic
  Interstellar Discussion (0747) band, noisy/electric
  Blue Corpse (0753) mournful duo acoustic blues
  The Living End (0756) band, electric blues
  Glad to Get Away (0762) 90's solo acoustic
  Khartoum (0781) 00's solo acoustic
  Glasgow Monday (0785) live piano & summative verbal opus

0753-0758 and 0785 are the likeliest to appeal to casual fans.
0739-0759 are old school Jandek, 0760-0787 modern day Jandek.

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