[Jandek] Manhattan show

Seth Tisue tisue at ccl.northwestern.edu
Sun Apr 22 23:01:00 PDT 2007

Fine venue, good sound, terrific rhythm section, the rep's guitar
playing & stage moves more assured than ever, plenty of time for the
trio to stretch out in several different directions, pretty much an
ideal "traditional" Jandek show all around.  I learned that the show was
supposed to be two hours, not three, and it's unlikely to ever happen
that way again, so if you were there, you really witnessed something
special.  John and I enjoyed meeting several of you from the list.

And god bless Fung Wah Bus, Inc. "Fung wah" means "magnificent wind".

I think almost everyone laughed when one song began with the rep
singing: "There aren't any GIRLS here! They're in another place..."
He meant jail, but it sure sounded at first like a reference to the
majority male audience.

Seth Tisue | http://tisue.net

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