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Mon Apr 23 03:25:15 PDT 2007

Can you imagine the surprise if some unsuspecting commuter took the box home
and listened to them? "Hi, honey, I found a whole box of records! Let's give
'em a spin and start dancing!"


On 4/23/07, Seth Tisue <seth at tisue.net> wrote:
> This is neither here nor there, but since someone asked: I do have all
> the vinyl albums.
> I'd bought eight of the later albums when they were still in print.
> Later I had an opportunity to buy the rest all in one batch at a good
> price (thanks Jack!).  I had the albums sent to my office, so then I had
> to carry them home on the train.  The box of LP's wouldn't fit in my
> bag.  I had to wait on the platform for some time before the train
> arrived, and by the time it had, I had forgotten about the box sitting
> next to me on the bench.  I was more than halfway home and had already
> changed trains, even, before I realized.  It took me a very panicky 40
> minutes to get back to where I'd started and find that the box, mirabile
> dictu, was still right where I'd left it.  Not my finest moment...
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