[Jandek] Bad reactions to extreme music

The Enchanter Tim doesabearwoof at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 10 11:23:42 PDT 2006

My fella, in perhaps the only time he asked me to take some music OFF the 
stereo, asked at about minute 11 of 'Mindtrain' by Yoko Ono if it was going 
to last much longer.  I said: 'about 7 more minutes'.  He asked me nicely to 
stop it...so I obeyed...

Though, now that I think of it, some of the more metallic clanging moments 
of a track from Set Fire To Flame's SING REIGN REBUILDER caused him to 
grimace a bit. ;)


"...men may become hairy as bears, if such is their fancy, without fear of 
excommunication or deprivation of their political rights." Charles Mackay

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