[Jandek] Danen Jobe's KXUA Jandek Radio Special

Gavin gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Sun Sep 10 10:47:51 PDT 2006

For anyone who missed Danen Jobe's rather excellent 2 hour radio
program on University of Arkansas college radio (88.3 KXUA) last
Wednesday (and I understand that some people couldn't connect to the
mp3 stream due to bandwidth overload), here are two sets of download
links, the first at yousendit:


(annoyingly yousendit now requires a login to download, but it's free
- download speeds may also be compromised, but you'll get it
eventually), the other at youpload:


(each takes a few clicks to find the downloads, and download speeds
are capped at 60kps unless you pay).

Danen does a great overview, from the early albums through to the
recent live releases, with an informed and amusing commentary, and
plays some covers and a few related tracks - unfortunately no time for
readings from 'Niagra Blues', and the program itself could have gone
on for far longer, but it's entertaining while also being a very good
introduction for any curious listener that hasn't taken the plunge

If anybody else gets these and can then host them elsewhere do let the
list know, as the yousendits will expire after a certain time, and the
other site was unknown to me until I uploaded, so its reliability is


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