[Jandek] hilarious reactions 2 jandek

SAMUEL_MATHESON at acdi-cida.gc.ca SAMUEL_MATHESON at acdi-cida.gc.ca
Mon Sep 11 07:56:17 PDT 2006

> > I've had friends get slightly annoyed over Jandek, but not like this.
> > She was on a rampage for hours.
> back in grad school i had a roommate react this way to beefheart's /trout
> mask replica/. :)

Also at grad school, I had a dorm-mate who reacted almost like this to
Caspar Brotzmann Massaker (whatever happened to that guy, anyway?).  He'd
say things like, "Why the hell do you want to listen to a guy play guitar
like he's dragging chains around?"

Never had any annoyed or violent reactions from the few I've exposed to
Jandek, though - one did say, "this wouldn't be bad if he bothered to tune
his guitar".  If he only knew...

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