[Jandek] What do Jandek fans listen to?

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 Wire's "Pink Flag" is an old favorite of mine. Haven't those first few Wire albums been reissued again? I should pick them up at some point (in the far off future.)
I've been listening to "Imaginary Diseases" for the past week or so. Huge, huge Zappa fan. Ordered that CD as soon as it was announced, and was absolutely thrilled at how good it turned out to be (not to say it couldn't have been better.)
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   Here are some of mypurchases from the past year that I like:
   Junkyard  -The Birthday Party
   New Lands ~ Flying Saucer Attack
   Bauhaus Singles: 1979-1983, Volume 1 ~ Bauhaus
   Ágćtis Byrjun ~ Sigur Rós
   Let Love In ~ Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
   Pink Flag ~ Wire
   Microtonal Piano - Ben Johnston
   Secret Life  ~ Material
   East of the River Nile  ~ Augustus Pablo
   Ege Bamyasi ~ Can
   Casablanca Moon/ Desperate Straights ~ Slapp Happy
    In Praise of Learning  ~ Henry Cow
    Bap-Tizum  ~ The Art Ensemble of Chicago
    Galactic Zoo Dossier ~ Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come
    The Art of Walking ~ Pere Ubu
    DNA on DNA ~ DNA
    Tanx ~ T-Rex
    The Spirits of Our Ancestors ~ Randy Weston
    Third ~ Soft Machine
    Country Life ~ Roxy Music
    Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music, Vol. 2
    Sound Forms For Piano ~ Robert Miller
    Congotronics ~ Konono No.1
    Aiee! the Phantom ~ Horace Tapscott
    Tone Dialing ~ Ornette Coleman & Prime Time
    Imaginary Diseases ~ Frank Zappa
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