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Agreed.  nice to see some actual punk rock fans on this list who listen to 
things besides the already-tired 'new weird america' BS.

let me add to my list:

cap'N Jazz
moss icon
rites of spring
That Rites of Spring album is pretty good. I need to pick it up again at some 
point. I had bought it back in like 1999, I think, didn't like it that much 
and traded it in. I've heard it several times since, of course, and wish I'd 
just held on to it. From the same period, I love the Embrace album and the 
woefully underappreciated "Dark Days Coming" by 3.

It's kind of funny, as much as I respect Dischord as a label and many of the 
bands that have recorded for the label, there's maybe a dozen or 15 albums 
they've ever put out that I really like.

cap'N Jazz were Ok. I've given their discography a few spins. Are you 
familiar with the band Friction (featuring Bob Nana of Braid and Hey Mercedes)? 
There's another great and underappreciated band.

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