[Jandek] Re: letter conclusions/twisted gourd

Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Sun Oct 8 20:54:25 PDT 2006

I think asking what 'outsider' music means is about as fair/unfair as
asking what 'rock' or 'pop' means. To me, outsider music is contingent on
its 'turn it off!!' factor - that is, the probability that, out of a
random selection of 15 or so people, 10-15 would yell 'turn it off!!'

That, or just music that doesn't fit the mainstream. You really can't
listen to Jandek and not think sometimes, 'what is he *doing?*,' in the
same way you can't listen to Daniel Johnston and not think that from time
to time. Conversely, both musicians also have their endearing/musically
superior moments.

You also find 'outsider' music to be just 'weirder' in general -
'outsider' is certainly a more respectful term/genre than 'weirder'
though, don't you think? Aquarius and Forced Exposure both have some WEIRD
shit for sale - I suppose you could say it also qualifies as 'outside the
box,' if you're into catch-phrases. Um...elephants out of Thailand playing
the xylophone? The sound of wire cables 'whislting' in the wind?

I don't know - there's a different ref at every game, but that doesn't
mean the ball ain't foul when it goes over the post...


> What does outsider music mean?  Outside of what?  When we figure out what,
> do we care if something is outside or inside of it?  is it patronizing?
> what's the point of categories anyway...? aren't they generally distorting
> things and being untrue?
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