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Sat Oct 7 22:04:49 PDT 2006

 "that leads to a conclusion that is really a revelation:  A REPRESENTATIVE

Or... it could mean a half dozen other things

-someone called Corwood on the guy's behalf
-someone printed out the email " " and mailed it
-someone selects certain relevant items which ten get read by a rep (maybe
only business relevant stuff or who knows)
-by random chance corwood had been busy and got back to filling orders and
noticed some backorders...
... or several other possibilities... the point being not to exhaustively
list them and try to test all of them, but just to say, that some of us are
probably prone to believe this conclusion, but the evidence doesn't support
it any more than a dozen other equally compelling possibilities... if we
tend to believe it, it's probably the case that we would just like to
believe it.  nothing wrong with that per se but... couldn't help being a

while gadflying... this is really pointless and... I'd rather it were
rhetorical, but... can't help this clanky mood...so:

What does D. Johnston really have to do with Corwood?  I mean besides
incidental irrelevant superficial links like being mention in the same book
or happening to live in the same state (so)?

What does outsider music mean?  Outside of what?  When we figure out what,
do we care if something is outside or inside of it?  is it patronizing?
what's the point of categories anyway...? aren't they generally distorting
things and being untrue?
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